Victoria Taylor, a licensed landscape architect, launched VTLA / Victoria Taylor Landscape Architect in 2012 to pursue projects that expose landscape architecture as an artistic and cultural practice. Victoria completed her Masters in Environmental Studies and worked as a professional gardener and designer for over a decade before achieving her Master’s of Landscape Architecture at the University of Toronto.

Taylor is a regular contributor and editorial board member to GROUND magazine and is an independant landscape critic at the John H. Daniels Faculty for Landscape, Architecture and Design at the University of Toronto.

She is a co-creator of Parks & Rec, an 1800 square foot organic roof garden in Parkdale and is currently working with Toronto’s West End YMCA on the design and installation of a roof top food garden. Her “Concrete Bloom Bursts” installation for Canada Blooms 2012 won the Evergreen Brickworks SEED Award and the Leslie L. Solty Memorial Award for best overall creativity in garden design.

From 2009-20011 she worked with award-winning Brook McIlroy on the design and implementation for Prince Arthur’s Landing, a 40-acre redevelopment of Thunder Bay’s downtown waterfront. The $100M+ project features four kilometers of recreational trails, new public amenities, art installations, designed spaces, habitat restoration and native plant gardens. The project involved close collaboration with the local Aboriginal community and a community garden designed in association with the greenhouse program at the city’s Correctional Institution.

In January 2012 Victoria left Brook McIlroy to launch a private practice focusing on design commissions, urban agriculture, community, exhibitions and education. Victoria is the curator of the inaugural Gladstone GROW OP: Exploring Landscape and Place. The four-day event taking place at the Gladstone Hotel 25-28 April 2013 will feature a broad range of expressive work to celebrate innovative ideas and encourage the exploration of new territories and relationships between art, gardens and the design of urban space.